Tissue paper butterflies!


Butterflies are a marvellous creation of nature. From being drop down gorgeous to teaching life lessons like how an apparent struggling and dark phase of life can just be a cocoon struggle which will help you become more strong and beautiful later, butterflies are referenced everywhere. So one fine day, I decided to  make some for my room . You too can try it to add a splash of color to your room or desk with the undeniable cheerfulness of little butterflies. 😆

While I was ogling Pinterest to find inspiration and tutorials for making pretty little butterflies, I found two techniques which were very easy to make and looked absolutely gorgeous. I tried them both and am posting the tutorials for both here 🙂

1. Stencil Cut Butterflies.

For this method you need :


  • Some bright colored tissue papers
  •  A drawing sheet for making the stencil
  •  Pencil
  •  Scissors
  •  Yarn/Straws/Pipe cleaners (For securing the butterfly and making antennas)

1. Draw half of a butterfly (just a set of wings) on your drawing sheet and cut them out to be used as a stencil.

wpid-img_20150630_230122.jpg2. Cut your tissue papers in rectangles of desirable size and stack them together. Then fold them like a Taco and place this stencil on top of them.

wpid-img_20150630_230157.jpg wpid-img_20150630_230236.jpg

I used a hair clip to keep the stencil in place, you too can try that 🙂

3.  Cut out your folded papers according to the stencil. Unclip them and open the folds.. Aaaaah.. pretty butterflies..! *_*

wpid-img_20150630_230320.jpg wpid-img_20150630_230345.jpg

At this point if you want you can give them a fold and your simple, light little butterflies will be ready. You can tape or glue them to any surface and add the butterfly magic on it. However, I followed a few more steps 🙂

4.  Stack 2-3 of these delicate butterflies together and do a zig-zag fold.

wpid-img_20150630_230430.jpg wpid-img_20150630_230500.jpg

5. Tie up this fold from the center such that the start and end of your yarn/pipecleaner/straw is sticking out. Spread your butterflies wings and cut the loose ends for an even length antennas.

wpid-img_20150630_230532.jpg wpid-img_20150630_230550.jpg



So this was one of the techniques. Following is another, even simpler technique, try it out too! 😀

2. Zig-Zag Folds butterflies!


For this one you just need

  • tissue papers
  • Yarn/straws/Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors

1. Cut your tissue paper sheets into squares of desirable sizes. For cutting a rectangle into a square without any measurement or stencil, just fold your sheet diagonally and cut off the extra rectangular portion left outside the fold 🙂

wpid-img_20150630_231038.jpg wpid-img_20150630_231058.jpg

2. Once your square sheets are ready, take one, and do the zig-zag fold.

wpid-img_20150630_231132.jpg wpid-img_20150630_231154.jpg

3. Keeping this one folded sheet aside, take another sheet and do the same thing.


You can play here with colors, number and size of your folds. I kept the folds the same while playing with different colored sheets.

4. Now tie up both the folded sheets from the center and leave out the loose end of the yarn to give it a look of antennas.  Cut the antenna string for an even length.

wpid-img_20150630_231443.jpg wpid-img_20150630_231509.jpg

Ta da! Your other butterfly is also ready! Make a couple of them (or as many as you want).

Your butterflies are ready to fly! 😀


Like the giant tissue paper flowers around the butterflies? Make them while following this simple tutorial here! 🙂

Happy crafting! 🙂



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